Artist: Uncle Lucius

Album: And You Are Me

Favorite Track: Keep the Wolves Away

Why We Recommend: This album I purchased at a live show just after it was rleased.  I didn’t listen to it much for awhile but have recently started listening to it more intently.  The musical mixtures of blues, rock, country, jazz, and R&B is unquestionably a testament to the musical talent in this band.  Their live show is phenomenal and definitely recommend going to see it as soon as you have a chance.


  Photo from Apparently I have been living under a rock for awhile, because I am just now stumbling upon the “badassery” of a band called Dolly Shine.  The band’s first full length album, “Room To Breathe” came out in June 2013 and has been my go to since I discovered it a few [...]

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  Artist: Hayes Carll Album: Trouble In Mind Favorite Track: She Left Me For Jesus Why We Recommend:  This album is arguably one of the best albums released in the Texas circuit.  I admit that I have been listening to the tracks since it’s release, yet have just recently obtained my own personal copy.  I [...]

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Photo from First of all let me just say that I am not a professional nor expert in music but only a fan who enjoys trying to break down the meaning of songs.  With that being said the Randy Rogers Band’s latest release of “Trouble” highly impressed me.  The album has a very sad [...]

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Image from I’ve been dreading writing a review for a female artist for awhile. Something about being able to relate my thoughts to a female point of view had made me hesitant. Charla Corn is a different story. For years now, Charla has been making excellent music that both males and females can relate [...]

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William Clark Green’s music is soulful and electrifying. Deep-hearted lyrics sang through a gritty voice almost make you believe your sitting in a smokey bar watching a live act rather than just merely listening to an album. Green’s newest album “Rose Queen” is packed with eleven songs about love made and lost as well as [...]

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  Photo from My first memory of Rich O’Toole is a faint one. As blurry as the memories are, I remember Rich and his boys tearing up the stage that night that I drunkenly stumbled upon opening up for Roger Creager at Gilley’s in Dallas. The next morning I woke up with hazy memories [...]

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Hey guys please go check out Pledge music is a unique concept that allows fans to contribute to the progress of independent musicians and become involved with the music. Johnny Cooper is currently working on “The Rubix” project; a series of EP’s, wrapped up with a full length album at the end of the year. This [...]

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  Like many people, I fell in love with Cross Canadian Ragweed long ago. After the break up, I was excited when I heard that Cody Canada and Jeremy Plato had started a new band. I was slightly disappointed with the release of “This is Indian Land”. Don’t get me wrong, the album was very [...]

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Artist: Cody Johnson Album: A Different Day RDJ’s Favorite Track: What’s Left Of Texas? Why We Recommend: Cody’s album “A Different Day” has a unique yet all too familiar blend of the “country classic” feel, along with that “bad boy” wild side.  You will not be disappointed in any way from start to finish.  I [...]

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